Assess feasibility for a Freight Consolidation Centre (FCC) in Belfast

Closed 31 Mar 2017

Opened 13 Feb 2017


In 2015 we developed and launched a new Air Quality Action Plan for the city.  This plan was developed in partnership with a range of statutory agencies. In this plan partners committed to delivering a range of measures to improve air quality in Belfast. One action from this plan is to assess the feasibility for a Freight Consolidation Centre (FCC) in Belfast.

Freight Consolidation Centres (FCC) are distribution centres, situated close to a city centre, shopping centre or construction site.  From this sites, loads are consolidated and from here a lower number of consolidated loads are delivered to the target area, so reducing the number of vehicle movements. To enhance the benefits of a FCC, electric or low emission vehicles can be used to make the consolidated deliveries in the area.

To find out more about air quality in Belfast please click HERE:

Or to view the Belfast Air Quality Action Plan 2015 - 2020  click on the document link at the bottom of this page.


Why we are consulting

We want to investigate the impact a Freight Consolidation Centre would have in Belfast, or if there is a need or support for such a facility.

We have identified a lack of baseline information that would inform any decision making regarding a Freight Consolidation Centre.  We would appreciate feedback from the freight industry, the retail and hospitality sector, and relevant stakeholders to establish if there is a need for a Freight Consolidation Centre (FCC) in Belfast.

We will review all responses and collate the relevant data.  This informaiton will be used as an evidence base for future decisions in relation to the feasibility of a Freight Consolidation Centre(FCC) in Belfast.

We want your views to help us make recommendations for the future.


What happens next

The survey is now complete.  Thank you for your response. 



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