Article 4 Reconsultation for Malone Park Conservation Area

Closed 17 Jul 2017

Opened 19 Jun 2017


We take our responsibilty for heritage protection seriously and are keen to protect the rich and varied built heritage of the Malone Park Conservation Area. We're concerned that the character may be eroded by alterations, individually and cumulatively, even if they are small in scale, by works deemed permitted development.

Permitted development rights

Permitted development rights are set within The Planning (General Permitted Development) Order (Northern Ireland) 2015 and provide householders certain rights to alter and extend properties without the need to apply for planning permission.

We're considering the removal of some specific and limited permitted development rights for the Malone Park Conservation Area by introducing an Article 4 Direction.

Article 4 Direction

We're proposing to use Article 4 Directions to further protect the unique character and appearance of this area. This would mean that you'll need planning permission for the following works: 

  • replacing window frames;
  • replacing doors; and
  • creation of hardstandings (hard surfacing in tarmac or pavers to fronts of dwellings, replacing lawns). 

We also want to find out if there would be support to bring painting of exteriors and dwellings and erection of porches under planning control. 

This doesn't mean that windows and doors can't be changed or hardstandings can't be created, but that these changes can be managed by applying for planning permission. (Full details available in the downloadable Malone Park Conservation Area document at the bottom of this page)

We will only consider making these changes where there is evidence of support. As residents we want your feedback to help make this decision.  


The reconsultation is open for a four week period from Monday 19 June to Monday 17 July 2017.

Why we are consulting

We undertook a public consultation in 2016 to explore proposed changes to permitted development rights within the Adelaide Park Conservation Area through an Article 4 Direction. We are now going out for reconsultation as there has been an update to the fee and an opportunity to make refinements to the initial consultation. 

Fee update and refinements to the initial consultation include: 

  • Fee update - The original consultation stated that no fee would apply, however there is the requirement to pay a reduced fee of £64 when making an application for planning permission through an Article 4 Direction. 
  • Enlarging window openings – this question has been omitted.

In 2016 a question was asked as to whether altering the size of window and door openings should come under planning control. Under Article 105(8) of the Planning Act (NI) 2011, demolishing part of a building requires conservation area consent. As consent would be required for the demolition associated with enlarging existing window and door openings, planning control can be exercised over this alteration. 

  • Additional questions 

We have taken the reconsultation opportunity to ask additional questions about:

  • front garden areas, and
  • walls, fences and other means of enclosure.


The reconsultation document and questionnaire is available to download below and at our Planning Office, Monday to Friday 9am - 5pm from Monday 19 June to Monday 17 July.

Although we have provided a downloadable version of this consultation response, we would encourage you to respond via this online survey.

The relevant documents are available, on request, in alternative formats - Braille, audio, large print, easy read. The council will also consider requests to produce it in other languages.

If you require the documents in these or other formats please contact us:

Belfast Planning Service
Belfast City Council
Cecil Ward Building
4-10 Linenhall Street

Telephone:  028 9032 0202, ext 2255





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