Developer Contributions Framework (Draft)

Closed 5 Nov 2018

Opened 13 Aug 2018


The draft Developer Contributions Framework sets out our approach to securing developer contributions as part of the planning application process. We will use it when assessing relevant planning applications across Belfast and it will also provide practical guidance for applicants, developers, elected members and the public.

Developer Contributions are used to mitigate or manage the impacts of new development on the City's infrastructure and and/or it's environment. Their use is supported by legislation and planning policy.

Since the transfer of planning powers in April 2015, we have routinely secured developer contributions to mitigate and manage development impacts in appropriate circumstances. The guidance set out in this document brings together existing regional and local planning policies on the use of developer contributions and planning agreements, and sets out the council's interpretation of those policies.

Why we are consulting

The draft Developer Contributions Framework is designed to bring greater transparency and certainty to the planning application process. It also aims to clarify for the development community and citizens the main circumstances when the council may use planning agreements to secure developer contributions for wider planning purposes.

This has implications for everyone living in Belfast and not just developers.  Therefore, before we finalise this Framework, we want to gather the views of all those involved in and impacted by planning decisions.

The draft Developer Contributions Framework can be downloaded by clicking on the link at the bottom of this page. 

This survey does not require respondents to answer each question. However, we would appreciate your time in considering each part of the survey and providing as much detail as possible in those areas in which you have a specific interest.

Following this consultation exercise, the draft Developer Contributions Framework will be reviewed and updated as appropriate. It will then be presented to our elected members for approval to adopt in early 2019.



What happens next

The draft Developer Contributions Framework was published on Monday 13 August 2018 and remained open for consultation until 5pm on Monday 5 November 2018.

All consultation responses received will be carefully considered and a consultation report will be prepared which will be presented to our elected members. It is also our intention to bring the draft Framework, subject to relevant changes, back to committee and Council for adoption in January 2019.


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