Equality Impact Assessment on the Preferred Options Paper of the Local Development Plan

Closed 20 Apr 2017

Opened 26 Jan 2017



We're developing the Draft Local Development Plan (LDP) which is the land use plan for Belfast up to 2035.  The plan will guide investment and set out policies and proposals for the use, development and protection of land across the city.  Once adopted, the plan will be used to determine planning applications.

Your opinion matters to us and we want to hear from you during the various stages throughout the preparation of the plan.

What is the Preferred Options Paper (POP)?

The Preferred Options Paper (POP) sets out the strategic approach to some of the key issues for the development of Belfast. This is the first stage of the plan-making process and is part of an ongoing consultation process.  It sets out what we plan to do to address the key issues we have identified for the city. 

Equality Impact Assessment (EQIA)

The EQIA report sets out how Belfast City Council intends to promote equality of opportunity through the implementation of Phase 1 – Preferred Options Paper (in accordance with Section 75 of the Northern Ireland Act 1998).

This EQIA has been conducted at a strategic level - it assesses the Draft Preferred Option Paper in a holistic way and does not include details of the equality impacts of every individual element within the Local Development Plan.  Equality screening will be carried out on these as we move forward with Phase 2: Planning Strategy and Phase 3: Local Policies Plan.  The issues identified in this EQIA will act as a guide to the development of subsequent assessments, reports and consultations.

Why we are consulting

You can find out more about the Preferred Options Paper, and access all relevant documents, on the Council’s website at: www.belfastcity.gov.uk/LDP

Alternatively all consultation documents can be made available in hard copy, email and alternative formats on request to planning@belfastcity.gov.uk

You can provide feedback using our online questionnaire, via the link below, until 20th April 2017.

What happens next

This consultation is now closed.

The EQIA report will be revised to take account of all comments received from consultees. The EQIA report, together with a full report of the consultation process, will then be submitted to the council to assist them to make final decisions on the Draft Preferred Options Paper.  The issues identified in this phase 1 of the EQIA LDP- Preferred Options Paper will act as a guide to to development of subsequent assessments, reports and consultations. 



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