Boodle's Dam Consultation

Closed 29 Nov 2019

Opened 1 Nov 2019


We have developed a plan to safely decommission Boodle’s Dam and want to hear your views. 

Boodle’s Dam is no longer used for water supply and there is no intention to use it as a reservoir in the future. As a result, we intend to carry out some work to decommission the dam, remove overgrown vegetation and provide new planting. We also plan to add a new footpath along the south of the dam to link it to Ligoniel Park. 

We want to know what you think of the proposed design. 

What happens next

Thank you for your comments.

When the consultation ends on Friday, 29 November 2019, responses will be carefully considered and a report will be prepared containing a summary of the issues raised. Any changes to the proposed design will be made where appropriate and a planning application submitted for the proposed works. 

Note: Any comments you make to us during this process are not representations to the Planning Authority and do not in any way affect your statutory right to make representations to the Planning Authority, with regard to any application submitted to them, in respect of this proposal.



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