Colin Park and Play Park - Consultation on draft designs

Closed 3 Apr 2017

Opened 15 Mar 2017


A new park for Colin

We are working in partnership with Urban Village Initiative to design a brand new public park and play park in the Colin area.

We have now developed initial designs for the new park and we want to hear your views.

Location of new park



What do we hope to achieve?

We want the new park and play park in Colin to achieve these important ambitions:

  • Identity - A place that celebrates natural habitats, local heritage and culture
  • Comfort and safety - High quality yet practical and safe and sustainable
  • Connectivity - Well linked with surrounding neighbourhoods
  • Flexibility - An all year round destination with educational activities and animation

What are the proposals for the new park?

We are proposing to build on the previous design and create a new destination park for Colin. This park will offer a range of recreational facilities for all age groups, with a balance of calm open space and more active areas. The park aims to be of a regional standard and act as an all year round destination. The park design will support and celebrate local culture and heritage as well as supporting education and development for the wider community.  There are 3 main active zones within the park, while the rest of the park is a beautiful, open and calm space where views can be appreciated. The active areas are the play facility, the active zone and the educational garden with outdoor classroom.

Colin Park and Play Park - Bird's Eye View

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Embracing the natural woodland

The open space sits on the edge of Laurel Glen and contains a dazzling array of wildlife and natural features. The proposal has been designed to work with the challenging slopes and features of the landscape. Athough some these features such as trees, shrubs and waterways can be targets of antisocial behaviour, we actively manage and monitor our parks so that people can continue to enjoy them to the full.

Educational Woodland Space

A range of attractions for all

We want residents and visitors to the park to feel a sense of pride and ownership within the new park for Colin. The proposal provides for a range of experiences, including play for all ages and abilities, outdoor fitness and classes, and year round events. The park should respond to the needs of different users of all abilities.

Impression of play park

The play space will provide equipment for children of all ages and abilities. Inclusive play is a key consideration, and we will ensure that the social, emotional, physical, cognitive, sensory and communication aspects of play are met.

Active plaza

A pump track and open activity space as well as woodland walking and running routes with trim trail equipment will offer recreation for older user groups.

A large grass area with reinforced surfacing and drainage will allow for a full programme of events from summer festivals and concerts to community fun days, markets and fairs.

Event space

Improved access and links for all

The proposal aims to improve several entrances into the park, creating connections that people want to use and welcoming people into the park. The designs include a range of waymarked routes for walking, jogging, cycling and running through the park.

Colin Park Proposal

More information

Find out more about the Urban Villages we are delivering at


What is the Urban Villages Initiative?

The Urban Villages Initiative is a key action within the Northern Ireland Executive’s ‘Together:  Building a United Community’ (TBUC) Strategy.  It is designed to improve good relations outcomes and to help develop thriving places where there has previously been a history of deprivation and community tension. It is a collaborative approach with three interconnected aims:

  • To foster positive community identities
  • To build community capacity
  • To improve the physical environment

The goal is to enable current and future investment to be targeted and delivered in more effective and sustainable ways.  Objectives and outcomes include:

  • Creative attractive, thriving places for residents and visitors
  • Improve internal and external access within and to the Urban Village
  • Encourage Shared Spaces
  • Encourage trust and relationships
  • Create welcoming places where people feel safe and connected, regardless of religious or ethnic background
  • Encourage and support communities to express their views and influence what happens in their areas

Find out more about the Urban Villages Initiative from the Executive Office here.

Park projects in Urban Village areas

We are working in partnership with the Urban Villages Initiative to enhance our existing parks and also to create new parks, play parks and open spaces. Some of the projects we are working on include:

  • refurbishment to Reverend Robert Bradford Memorial Playground,
  • enhancements to Marrowbone Millennium Park,
  • enhancements to Ballysillan Park, and;
  • a new park in the Colin area.

Why we are consulting

Significant work by several organisations has led to this stage in the development of Colin Park. An outline Planning Application for the Colin Town Centre Masterplan was submitted on behalf of the Department for Social Development in December 2014. This planning approval was granted.

We are reviewing and updating this work to link in with the Belfast Rapid Transit plans on Stewartstown Road and adjacent recreation and outdoor facilities. The approach will be to build on past work and vision to implement a transformative park design for Colin.

Following consultation, we will refine the designs of the park. We will feedback to the public with these refined designs before submission of a Planning Application.


  • Drop in session at Colin Hub

    From 22 Mar 2017 at 14:00 to 22 Mar 2017 at 18:00

    Colin Community Hub

    Everyone is welcome to drop in to one of our sessions to view the proposals, talk to the design team and give feedback.

  • Drop in session at Stewartstown Rd Shops

    From 24 Mar 2017 at 12:00 to 24 Mar 2017 at 14:00

    Stewartstown Road Shops (Subway Car Park)

    Everyone is welcome to drop in to one of our sessions to view the proposals, talk to the design team and give feedback.

  • Drop in session at Stewartstown Rd Shops

    From 31 Mar 2017 at 13:00 to 31 Mar 2017 at 15:00

    Stewartstown Road Shops (Subway Car Park)

    Everyone is welcome to drop in to one of our sessions to view the proposals, talk to the design team and give feedback.

  • Drop in session at Dairy Farm Shopping Centre

    From 1 Apr 2017 at 12:00 to 1 Apr 2017 at 14:00

    Dairy Farm Shopping Centre

    Everyone is welcome to drop in to one of our sessions to view the proposals, talk to the design team and give feedback.




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