Old Golf Course Road – new park and playground consultation

Closed 1 Sep 2017

Opened 18 Aug 2017


We’re working to develop a new park and playground located between Old Golf Course Road and Upper Dunmurry Lane. Through this investment we hope to create an attractive area of open community space which families and children can enjoy.

In December 2016 we asked local people for their thoughts on our initial plans for the new park. The feedback was overwhelmingly supportive and we also received a number of useful comments. We have used this feedback, alongside input from our design team, to further develop the design.

We are now offering an opportunity to view the updated plans and provide feedback in advance of a planning application being submitted.

What are the proposals for the new park?

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The proposal is to transform an area of neglected open space through the creation a local park with a diverse range of existing vegetation and habitats. The design will include a complimentary ‘family’ of park furniture and appropriate plant species. The majority of the existing trees will be retained and further enhanced by additional tree planting. The existing wetland habitation and badger sett environs will also be retained and protected.

The paths and boardwalk will provide pleasant walking and jogging routes and improve access to the variety of existing habitats. The long grass areas and wild flower meadows will add texture and additional seasonal colour to the park.

The proposed entrances will welcome visitors into the park, encouraging use of the site and increasing footfall. The proposed car park will encourage visitors from outside the immediate locality and includes designated wheelchair accessible spaces.

Phased development approach

The first phase will include the development of the park, access gates, path network, planting and a car park. This initial phase of development will open the space to the public as a community amenity.

The second phase of the project, which is dependent on securing additional funding, will further develop the park infrastructure and include a playground. There are future opportunities to interpret the habitats and facilitate outdoor learning for local schools.

What changes have been made to the design since the initial consultation?

The design has changed slightly based on feedback from the initial consultation and in response to a range of ground and habitat surveys (all carried out this year).

The changes include the following:

  • Two proposed entrances were removed, one at the middle section of the Old Golf Course Road boundary and the other at the eastern corner of the park, adjacent to the roundabout at Old Golf Course Road/Creighton Road.
  • The area allocated for the potential (Phase 2) playground was enlarged, to accommodate the proposed play equipment and picnic tables.
  • The proposed open lawn area, opposite the potential playground, was removed to retain the existing vegetation and grasses, in response to the tree survey and habitat report.
  • The timber walkway and wetland habitat was reduced in size.
  • The extent of wildflower meadow planting was reduced to allow for existing vegetation and grasses to be retained.
  • The group of existing mature trees and planting to the boundary of the property No.115 Dunmurry Lane will be retained as screen planting. This required a minor adjustment of the car park layout.
  • The footpath alignment was modified slightly in response to existing level information.

Why we are consulting

Your feedback is important to us and we will use it to refine the designs of the playground in advance of submitting a planning application for the project.

What happens next

The feedback received during this consultation will be used to develop the designs further in advance of submitting a planning application for the project.


  • Our Lady Queen of Peace Church, Upper Dunmurry Lane - Public Consultation

    From 24 Aug 2017 at 16:00 to 24 Aug 2017 at 20:00

    The designs for the park and playground will be on display at this event. Everyone is welcome to drop in, view our plans and provide feedback on this exciting new development.


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